Water and your health

Water and your health

Health effects of dehydration

You know you are supposed to drink eight or more glasses of water each day, but somehow you always come up short. Unfortunately, even mild hydration can cause long-term damage to your body, so follow these tips for drinking more water.

1. Start every day with a glass of water.

While you wait for the coffee to percolate in the morning, grab a fresh glass of water. Finish it while you pore over the morning paper or pack the kids’ lunches, then switch to coffee only after you’ve consumed a full glass of H20. Add glasses to your schedule at other convenient times, such as during meals or before your afternoon trip to the gym.

2. Order water in restaurants.

Skip the pricey sodas, teas, and cocktails in favor of fresh, clean water. Not only will you consume fewer calories and hydrate your body, but your wallet will appreciate the lower bill at the end of the meal. If you don’t trust the restaurant’s water, bring your own water bottles so you know your beverage is clean and free of contaminants.

3. Drink other water-infused beverages.

Coffee, tea, and fresh juice are all great sources of water when you need something with a little more flavor. Just make sure you use a filtered, BPA-free water dispenser to reduce impurities in your beverage, even if your coffee maker or juicer comes with a filter.

4. Hit the gym.

A work-out not only tones your muscles and helps you shed unwanted pounds, but it also makes you thirsty. If you don’t drink enough water because you never have the urge to drink, a work-out will trigger your thirst and motivate you to consume more water on a daily basis. If you don’t have time for the gym, a walk around the block or a session on the home treadmill will also suffice.

5. Get a better class of water.

If your water usually comes from expensive store-bought bottles or the tap, you might not crave water because of its impurities. High-quality water filters and BPA-free water coolers present a far superior source of H20, and the use of purified water might encourage you to take a few extra sips every day.

Drinking water is essential to proper health, nutrition, and immunity. If you aren’t drinking enough water, evaluate your daily schedule, then find times to slip in a drink of water. The best times are when you are already performing another scheduled task, such as eating a meal or attending a meeting.

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