Health effects of BPA

Health effects of BPA

What is BPA and why you should know about it

Do you get enough water in your diet each day? Is the water you are consuming actually benefiting your health, or is it hurting your health? Learning about water filters, what could be found in your tap water, and the options you have for providing your family with clean, healthy water can help ensure that you can get the recommended amount of water each day without all of the dangerous toxins that could come with it.

What toxins can be found in tap water?

Have you ever read the studies that link Alzheimer disease to aluminum? If so, you understand how important it is to limit the amount of aluminum you expose your body to. Unfortunately, aluminum is found in most city water. Not only can the aluminum contribute to Alzheimer disease, but it has also been tied to skin problems, stomach problems, learning disabilities, and hyperactivity as well as a few other health problems.

Fluoride is supposed to be good for you, right? Well, recent studies have shown that the amount of fluoride that children are exposed to is much higher than it should be. Since city water contains fluoride and the dental products your children use contain fluoride, they are being exposed to far more than they need to maintain healthy teeth. In fact, too much fluoride leads to fluorosis and can actually damage your children’s teeth and weaken their immune systems.

Is bottled water best?

In recent years there has been a big move away from bottled water. One reason being the huge environmental impact bottled water has. From manufacturer thousands of bottles a year, packaging, transport and all the other associated costs. Bottled water creates huge amounts of green house gases and clogs landfill and water ways with used bottles. Not to mention that up to 90% of the cost of bottled water goes to transport, packaging, marketing and big profit margins.
Most water bottles contain BPA a hazardous chemical that is linked to many negative health effects.
There are just too many reason now to discontinue using bottled water. There’s a cheaper more efficient way

Do you need a water dispenser?

A filtered water dispenser will eliminate a large portion of your exposure to BPA. As well as giving you a unlimited supply of clean, healthy filtered, icy cold water. From as little as $1.57 per day it’s cheaper than the cost of one 600ml bottle of water from most shops!

With hundreds of happy customers we know that one of our water coolers will not only save you money but improve your families health

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