POU Water Dispenser

POU Water Dispenser

Point of Use (POU) Water Dispenser
-Connected directly to the mains water supply, eliminates the need for refilling the water cooler.

The POU Water dispenser is perfect for the larger office with 4 – 6 or more staff members regularly using the water cooler.
Being connected directly to the mains water supply removes the need for the water cooler to re filled at any time. A filter is installed between the mains water supply and the water dispenser. The mains water pressure forces the water through the sub micron water filter. Removing chlorine, sediment, odours and rust from the water. Leaving the water crisp, clean and tasting great.
The water is then stored in the stainless steel compartment to be chilled ready to drink, or heated ready to be made into instant tea or coffee.

The elimination of purchasing, storing and changing over bottled water not only saves you time and money. It also massively reduces your carbon footprint. Huge amount of energy and oil are used in the production of plastic water bottles every year. Large amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere by large diesel hungry trucks driving around all day delivering a product that is already being piped directly to your home or office.The waste of thousands of tonnes of discarded plastic bottles is also eliminated which often end up in landfill or worse taking hundreds of years to break down.

The plastic bottles used have to be stored which takes up valuable space in your office which could be used for more effectively. Rents and costs are always a concern for any astute business person. Having full and empty bottles taking up valuable space just doesn’t make any sense at all.

The risk of a work place injury and compensation claim is also removed. A number of injuries and resulting compensation claims have resulted from staff changing the heavy bottles over and straining or injuring themselves in the process. This risk can be completely removed by switching to a plumbed in water filtration cooler.

Many plastic bottles contain the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) a plastic stiffener that has been in use for over 40 years. Recently research has linked BPA to numerous adverse health effects including a higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and liver abnormalities in adults as well as brain and hormone development problems in fetuses and young children. You can dramatically reduce your exposure to this chemical by drinking water filtered at the point of use and not drinking out of water bottles containing BPA.

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