What is granular activated carbon?

What is granular activated carbon?

What is granular activated carbon??

Activated carbon, which can also be called activated charcoal is a processed carbon that is specifically manufactured to have a high number of small pores that greatly increase the surface area. This increased surface area allows for extremely large amounts of adsorption of chemicals

As little as 1 gram of carbon can have a surface area of over 500 mDue to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2

This incredibly large surface area is the reason carbon filters are so effective. It allows carbon to physically absorb a huge amount of chemicals and other substances that are found in the water supply. Many of these chemicals if ingested in large amounts have been linked to increase risk of cancer, neurological problems and other health risks

Carbon filters are extremely effective at removing many hazardous chemicals. These include chlorine, solvents, trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides and hundreds of other synthetic chemicals that have made it’s way into the water supply. Importantly, filters take out the bad odours and taste that are commonly found in the water supply.

There are some chemicals and compounds that carbon filters are not able to remove. The most common and well know of these would be fluoride. There’s differing opinions on the effects fluoride have. If you think that removing fluoride is important to your health a revers osmosis water filtration system is the best filter type to use.

A sediment filter should always be used in conjunction with your carbon filter. The sediment filter is much more effective at removing dust, sand, rust and sediment that contaminates your water and will greatly improve the quality of your filtered water.

Carbon filtration is the best value filtration you can use in your home and office. It’s wide use and popularity are a testament to its effectiveness. By removing the chlorine and associated by products it greatly enhances the taste and health benefits of your water.

An EzyFill water cooler is a fantastic way to filter your water. The multi stage filter contains activated carbon and a 1 micron sediment filter. For less than $1.60 a day you can have as much icy cold, crystal clear water as you can drink.

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