EzyFill Water Cooler

EzyFill Water Cooler


The EzyFill water cooler is one of our most popular models with hundreds of happy customers we know it produces great tasting,EzyFill Water Cooler clean, healthy filtered water.

Its simplicity of design and ease of use make it extremely versatile. The cooler is simply filled from the top using the supplied carry can or any other suitable container. The tap water that has been added to the top compartment of the filter bottle is then filtered and passes down the bottom compartment via the gravity fed multi stage filter and is then ready to drink.

The multi stage gravity fed filter uses silver impregnated granular activated carbon to absorb a variety of chemicals including chlorine and other organic by products as well as removing unwanted odors and tastes. The water then passes through the ceramic filter which removes any sediment that may be in water such as rust or sand.

EzyFill Water CoolerThe end result of this is water that not only tastes great but is far more healthy then water straight from the tap.

Once the water has been filtered it is stored in the bottom compartment of the filter bottle as well as in the chiller compartment of the water cooler. There it can dispense room temperature water of nicely chilled water for those hot summer days. Alternatively if you opt for the Hot and Cold cooler you will have hot water on tap for instant hot tea and coffee.

The filters have a long life and with standard consumption would last up to and over 12 months. However to ensure the water cooler and filter are functioning optimally we service the cooler every 6 months. This ensures the cooler and filter are always working at their best and at every service we sanitize the water cooler inside and out. To ensure the water you are drinking is always tasting great and is clean and healthy.

With pricing starting at only $10 per week or around $1.50 a day it really suits any budget. With a single 600ml bottle of water often costing $2 and above it really represents great value.