Here at Call a Cooler we have spent a lot of time and research to find the products that provide the best results for our clients.

We are constantly on the look out for new and innovative products

Below is our current range of products click on any one below to find out more information.

EzyFill Water Cooler

EzyFill Water Cooler

  • One of our most popular products
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Perfect for the home or office



water dispenser

Plumbed in Water Dispenser

  • No hassle or refilling
  • Perfect for the larger office
  • Connected directly to mains water



Premium water dispenser

Premium Range POU Water Coolers

  • For the show room or reception area
  • Stylish design that will be at home anywhere
  • Cold and Boiling water for instant tea and coffee


Shower FilterShower Filters

  • Reduce your exposure to chlorine
  • Can help with skin and respiratory aliments
  • Feel fresher and better after your shower


House FilterWhole House Filters

  • So many amazing benefits for the whole family
  • Almost completely eliminate your exposure to chlorine
  • Low maintenance and ongoing costs


Filtered Water Fountain
Drinking Fountains

  • Perfect for out door uses
  • Industrial or commercial use
  • Stainless Steel for sturdy construction



Reverse Osmosis Water FilterReverse Osmosis Water Filtration

  • The ultimate in water filtration
  • Removes fluoride giving you the ultimate in clean water
  • Amazing investment for your health