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Our in home trial will let you experience all the benefits of crystal clear, icy cold, filtered, healthy water in your home or office for a week at no cost.

we are a locally owned and operated business.

Perth’s most respected supplier of water cooler, water dispensers and filtration to hundreds of business and homes throughout Perth and Australia.

Our water coolers saves you:


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Using a water filtration system will reduce your carbon footprint and the massive environmental impact that thousands and thousands of empty water bottles being discarded on a daily basis has.

Starting at only $10 per week +gst include delivery set up, installation, service and filter changes.

Out water coolers have saved hundreds of our clients anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on the cost of buying bottled water.

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Thankfully there is a better way!

Healthy Water

Filtering your water ensures you receive all the benefits of bottled water. Great taste, no chlorine, no dust, sediment and rust plus a few extras! like no BPA (a hazardous chemical found in most plastic bottles)

Cost Savings

Not to mention to cost savings! and you’re helping the environment a whole lot reducing the amount of gas guzzling, diesel burning trucks driving around and reducing the waste of thousands of plastic bottles.

A portion of our profits is donated to wateraid.org andother charities that help ensure improverished and remote committees access to a clean, healthy supply of water.

Every time you take a drink from one of our water coolers you can be happy knowing you are helping someone less fortunate receive the same precious gift of clean, healthy water.

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What our customers have to say


Can’t speak highly enough of these guys. We have tried other water companies over the last 16 years and are now so glad we have finally found Call a Cooler-clean cold and hot water at a very reasonable. Great Service too.

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