Cost savings of water coolers

Cost savings of water coolers

How a water cooler can save you money

Bottled water is big business now days with Australians spending over 500 million dollars a year on bottled water. Calculating the true cost is a bit harder. Over 60,000 tons of greenhouses gases a year and 460,000 barrels of oil are used in the bottling, manufacturing and transport of all this bottled water.

Are you a person who has to read the ingredients on boxes, bags, cans, or bottles of food you buy? Do you read the report your water company sends you even though you don’t understand all about parts per million? You’re on the right path to better health through being informed. There are websites online with reports written by doctors who are in the know about chemicals in plastics and what they can do to a human subjected to them over a course of time.

People are becoming more aware of what is going on around them, simply because the world is getting smaller and smaller through televised news reports. It’s also very difficult not to see the articles on the Internet when a computer is turned on. Because of this, people are receiving the information they can use to lengthen their own lives and live healthier while doing so. When you see joggers with their plastic water bottles, what do you think? That they’re healthier and know a secret you don’t know?

If you read some health reports you’ll realize that the water inside these bottles costing almost two dollars and is often just tap water, plus, much of the plastic used today has a toxic chemical in it called BPA (bisphenol-A). You’ve eaten food from a can lined with an epoxy resin that contains it. Just as water suppliers state that dangerous chemicals in ‘parts per million or billion’ in the drinking water will not harm humans because the amounts are so small the body can handle them, the same is said of BPAs.

Since you’ve realizing the dangers of BPA possibly being in plastic bottles, you’re probably wondering just what kind of water you should drink? If you’re thinking you’ll buy some vitamin packed water and you’ll be safe, think again about what you’re trading. You’ll either trade for sugared water, water made with corn syrup or water with an artificial sweetener added.

Think about buying your own water filter and using plastic bottles made without BPA. You’ve seen water filters in the store that fit in a pitcher and tap water is poured over it. The filter removes the lead, chlorine, mercury and other dangerous contaminants from the water before you and your family drink it. You can also purchase a new water dispenser coming out on the market very soon. You’ll enjoy cool, clean, and uncontaminated water from a water cooler that’s BPA free and will not harm anyone when used continuously.

Everybody needs to drink pure, uncontaminated water that aids the kidneys and liver in doing the important work of screening toxins from the body. It’s time that more thought is given to washing toxins from the body the healthy way. Are you dehydrated and don’t know it? If your urine is a dark color, don’t you think it’s time to relax and have a large glass of pure water?

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