Chlorine and drinking water

Chlorine and drinking water

Health effects of chlorine in drinking water

Man can live without food for a few months. However, man can only live three to five days without water. Our bodies require water to survive, they require water to process foods, eliminate waste and to perform even the tiniest of body tasks. Everyday, people drink water from the tap, purchase bottled water or drink filtered water. New reports are revealing the dangers of our current water supplies. Tap water is contaminated, bottled water contains BPA’s and some water filters simply do not work as they should. You need water to live, and you need your drinking water to be safe.

When you start to become dehydrated your urine turns darker, you may become tired and think you are hungry. By the time you are thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. If you do not drink enough fluids every day to replenish what your body has used, chronic dehydration can change your skin, hair and organ function. Your kidneys and liver will have to work harder to filter your blood and urine. Constipation, dry eyes, high cholesterol and increased weight can all be symptoms of long term dehydration. The current recommendation is to drink eight glasses of water daily. This does not mean eight glasses of soda or juice, water in it’s purest and cleanest form is what your body craves and deserves.

Tap water has been under much scrutiny as of late. Water tests have revealed high levels of arsenic, aluminum, fluoride and medications, both prescription and over the counter. All of these chemicals can build up in the body and can cause hyperactivity, learning disabilities, digestive problems, Parkinson’s and liver disease. A simple glass of tap water, though clear and sparkling, can be dangerous to you, your family and unborn children. You can put a filter on your faucet, but not all filters are created equally, and many allow contaminants through.

Bottled water poses just as many problems as tap water. In fact, many bottled waters are simply unfiltered tap water. The only difference, is now it is in a plastic bottle that may also leak bisphenol A or BPA’s into the water. Research has proven BPA’s act as a synthetic hormone disruptor that causes a myriad of health problems such as, but not limited, to learning disabilities, behavior issues, dysfunctional immune systems, breast and prostate cancer and early puberty.

There is a clear, healthy and inexpensive solution toward improving the quality of your water, and the quality of your health. At home or in your place of business Call A Cooler can install a water cooler that is BPA free and uses a state-of-the-art filter that will remove the chemicals and toxins. The water dispenser can be hooked directly to your water supply or they can supply you with water bottles that are BPA free. You can feel confident and comfortable when your children fill up their water glasses, knowing that the water they are drinking is safe and just what their bodies need.

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